Alberta CAPC CPNP Coalition

The Alberta CAPC CPNP Coalition, formed in December 2007, is a network of CAPC and CPNP projects throughout Alberta committed to collective actions and effective partnerships to ensure healthy outcomes for babies, children and their families. All CAPC and CPNP projects, funded by the Public Health Agency of Canda, Alberta Region are members of our coalition. Currently, there are 28 CAPC projects and 21 CPNP projects in Alberta.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alberta CAPC CPNP Coalition Requires a Part-time Coordinator

For May 2010 - March 31, 2011
·         Ability to network across the province
·         Attend Monthly teleconferences
·         Work independently from home office and as part of the Coordinating Committee Team
·         Familiar with CAPC and CPNP programming
·         Above average computer skills – including newsletter development with Microsoft Publisher
·         Organization skills – to assist with planning a training workshop/conference

See job description for more details.

Contact Kari Degethoff, Board Chair with resume
Phone: 403-526-7473

2010 - 2011

As directed by and reporting to the Coordinating Committee Chairperson, the Coalition Coordinator will provide the following services:

1.         Coalition Meetings, Terms and Contact Lists

a.              As directed by the Chairperson, plan, arrange, and prepare agendas for the Coordinating Committee and Sub-Committees as requested, and participate in the teleconferences and other meetings as required.

b.             As directed by the Chairperson, prepare common agendas for the North and South Zones networking meetings, and participate in the teleconferences and other meetings as required.

c.              Document and distribute Coordinating Committee, Sub-Committee and North and South Zone minutes to all Coalition members.

d.             Document and distribute up to date Terms of References for all the Coalition structures and specific positions such as Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson.

e.           Provide Coalition members with contact lists that are updated quarterly, and organized by Zone.

2.         Strategic Plan
a.              Track progress on the Strategic Plan activities.

b.       Document management of arising issues- procedures taken, results and learnings.

c.       Update the year’s action plan based on the Coordinating Committee’s bi-annual progress review.

3.         Profile, Information Sharing and Resources

a.       Develop a provincial newsletter, with the assistance of the Communications & Promotions committee

b.       Identify existing tools (e.g. those used in other regions such as Ontario and B.C.), and provide to Coalition members for consideration or adaptation in their service areas.
c.       Propose opportunities for projects to share their ideas on funding and in-kind support that work in their communities for their CAPC/CPNP programming.
d.      As requested by the Coordinating Committee, facilitate the sharing of program resources.

4.         Training Coordination
a.              Receive information on provincial and national training opportunities and ensure they are communicated to CPNP and CAPC projects, and assist in coordinating the delivery planning.
b.             Assist the training committee in organizing the Face to Face Conference & AGM

5.         Evaluation
a.              Based on the Strategic Plan define the evaluation requirements for a potential Request for Proposal process, and support the evaluation as requested.

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