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The Alberta CAPC CPNP Coalition, formed in December 2007, is a network of CAPC and CPNP projects throughout Alberta committed to collective actions and effective partnerships to ensure healthy outcomes for babies, children and their families. All CAPC and CPNP projects, funded by the Public Health Agency of Canda, Alberta Region are members of our coalition. Currently, there are 28 CAPC projects and 21 CPNP projects in Alberta.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Coordinating Committee Minutes April 2010

Coordinating Committee Meeting Minutes
April 08, 2010
1:15 – 3:15pm

Committee Members: Norah Fines, Kari Degethoff, Barb Fratesi, Diane Sopher, Linda West
PHAC: Ann Pasquill, Anne Clennett,
 REGRETS: Dianne Ireland, Debbie Martin, Judilonne Beebe, Holly Charles, Ruby Canning,

Agenda Item
Action Items for
next meeting
1.      Meeting called to order by Kari at 1:25pm

2.      Approved of Agenda
With the following additions:
6. )Other Business: PHAC update

by Linda West

3.     Approved minutes from March 16, 2010
by Diane Sopher

4.      Business Arising from past notes:
a)      Nutritionist survey results – Tabled to next time
b)      Update on budget surplus carry forward requests – Barb and Diane
-          Carry forward was successful, total Candora $ 12, 473.04, broken down :
- $6, 542.92  CAPC books reorder
-          Remaining amount for training dollars to be spent before June 31, 2010
-          Should we combine training dollars with next year’s training dollars to use them all in one project/initiative?
-          Ann advises that the timeline is tight for spending that before June 31, perhaps we should separate the two funding pots.
-          BARB: carry forward $22,305 and of that CPNP book is $11,592.35, which leaves $10,712.65 for ordering books or resources for project staff as the projects wants them. This is approximately $200 per project.
-          Candora’s surplus for Training Dollars, APFA for resources. The coalition has to purchase the resources/books and distribute them.
-          PHAC has issues with reimbursing programs without reports, and only sending cheques. Linda thinks it’s an advantage for the programs to submit receipts for resources, because they can cover the difference if purchasing a resource that is larger than $200.  Kari agreed, projects should submit their requests up to a max of $200 and then get reimbursed when they provide the receipts.
-          Anne suggests we develop a resource choice list that they can order from, to streamline their choices. Kari thinks that could be an option if reimbursement for resources is not possible.
-          We will need two invitations for training grants and resources grants.
c)      Election of vice chair – Kari
-          Dianne Ireland will not be able to be vice chair.
-          Diane remembers that Holly would consider being vice chair.



To clarify process for more training grants to be spend by June 31, 2010.

To investigate options for Vice Chair
5.      Reports:
a)    Coordinators Report- Norah Fines
-          Resigning from the coalition, as she has found full time Dieitian work with Alberta Health Services, but will finish off CPNP commemorative book before June 31. This will be her last teleconference, and all further administrative inquiries can go through Kari, as chair.
-          No objections to completing these projects before June 31, 2010
-          Need an updated contract – Kari and Linda and Norah to meet separately to discuss per hour contract for this work.
-          Spring Newsletter to be sent out this week or next. With information about evaluation results from the conference, and job shadowing promotion.
-          Mailing of books/newsletters etc for 15th Anniversary of CAPC to commence when all resources are available and ready, likely in May.
b)      Chair’s Report – Kari
-          Carry forward, and projects to be done before June 31 is focus for the next three months
-          2010-2011 budget – needs to start being planned, would like to start planning before summer
-          Kari is leaving on vacation from May 27 to July 26 for 2 months
-          Kari: Can we ask for suggestions from projects for training needs for the next budget year?
-          Linda: Can we form a sub-committee with all coalition members not just coordinating committee members, to plan for training needs for next year?
-          Linda: is concerned that the current coordinating committee needs to ensure commitment to ensure work gets done and our coalition can move forward. Diane: Thinks right now is a difficult time of year for these teleconferences for coordinating committee members because of year end and funding reports etc. Kari: we should try to recruit at the zone teleconference some new members for the coordinating committee to take the load of a small group and expand our working power.
-          Linda suggests: Diane and her meet separately to discuss the options around training money from the carry forward and the next year’s budget and make a plan to bring forward to the coordinating committee, and then create a sub-committee of general coalition members for a training fund planning committee. Linda to attend South Zone teleconference, Diane to attend the North Zone and reveal ideas for training grants.
-          Should we open up membership for the coordinating committee to other people? Linda: had Irene Van Der Kloet ask about the coordinating committee. Perhaps past chair should only be an honorary position, to free up a space for another coordinating committee member. There needs to be 4 people from North and 4 from South, and we wouldn’t need to change bylaws, just add a line that says past chair is an honorary member.  Motion made by Kari. Passed by all.


To develop advertise through the network via email coordinator’s position as soon as possible.

Update Agenda for Zone Teleconference with ideas for training funding for next year’s budget

To investigate options for training/resources reimbursement strategies with carry forward money.
6.      Any other business:
  1. PHAC update:
-  See attached
  1. Diane? – attended a Human Early Learning Partnerships from UBC. “Smart Family Policy for Strong Economy” teleconference yesterday. Financial implications of early childhood development initiatives. Had good statistics from Canada. There is a website where you can view this online presentation:

        Goal is to lower by 15% the number of children who are vulnerable by 2015.

    7.      Next Meeting Dates:
    a.       Coordinator’s Teleconference on May 13, 2010 at 1:15 pm
    b.      Next Zone Meeting Teleconferences on April 20, 2010 North in afternoon and South in morning

    8.      Meeting Adjourned by Kari at 2:15 pm

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