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The Alberta CAPC CPNP Coalition, formed in December 2007, is a network of CAPC and CPNP projects throughout Alberta committed to collective actions and effective partnerships to ensure healthy outcomes for babies, children and their families. All CAPC and CPNP projects, funded by the Public Health Agency of Canda, Alberta Region are members of our coalition. Currently, there are 28 CAPC projects and 21 CPNP projects in Alberta.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

AGM 2010 Minutes

March 3rd, 2010
8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Judilonne Beebe, Irene Van Der Kloet, Barb Fratesi, Darlene Hardy Bennett, Annette Hillaby, Crystal Nahaiowski, Angela Lindberg, Sandy McKinstry, Debbie Martin, Dianne Ireland, Carolyne Maskell, Louise Reidy, Kari Degethoff, Wendy Auger, Tina Clifton, Janine LeBlue, Deb Josuttes, Michelle Woods, Cindy Paul, May Rostecki-Budzey, Alice Reszel, Jocelyne Lajoie, Cheryl Stetsko-Mayne, Claudia Cardinal, Darren Culham, Ruby Canning, Linda West, Avril Pike, Kathy Lenihan, Anne Clennett (PHAC), Taranjeet Birdi (PHAC), Norah Fines

Agenda Item
  1. Welcome & Introductions 8:30 am
  1. Guest: Sue Rossi, Chair, CAPC CPNP National Network
    1. Update on National Project – Environmental Safety for Children
  1. Guest – Dr. Susan Lynch,
    1. Update on Alberta Early Childhood Mapping Project
4.        Meeting opened: by Linda West, at 10:45 am.
·         Agenda approved by Judilonne Beebe with the following additions:
-Add 5 D – Ruby – Healthy Weights update
  1. Reports:
    1. Financial report (see attached)– Barb Fratesi
·   Currently there is a surplus of $49,149
·   Motion made by Avril Pike to approve this income expense report (see attachment), seconded by Irene Van Der Kloet
    1. Training Committee Report – Norah Fines
·   20 programs were awarded grants for this year, up to $2,500 maximum.
·   Total spent on training grants for 2009-2010 = $34,875
·   Final Training Reports form available on the blog and due by March 25, 2010
    1. Staff Shadowing Report – Barb Fratesi
·   Job shadowing: There still remains, a large amount of money left over this year, compared to last year. All evaluations for this experience have been positive, and it’s a valuable experience, programs are still encouraged to submit applications until March 15, 2010.
    1. Healthy Weights Project National Committee – Ruby Canning
·         Ruby went to Toronto for meeting on Nov 9, 2009.
·         Did survey in Alberta which had good response.
·         Feb 1st teleconference. Enclosed workplan. Update from Cindy, from Nexus – the company doing project. Next meeting in May.
A Brief Update on our Activities:
·   We are currently in the process of planning the focus groups and final round of key informant interviews. The sites we have confirmed at this stage include: Thunder Bay, ON; Winnipeg MB; Toronto, ON and Vancouver BC.  We are currently investigating opportunities in the Atlantic region, Northern Region and Quebec. 
·   The summary of the literature review findings and implications  and the summary of the results and implications from the national survey
·   Draft questions for the focus groups (with CAPC/CPNP clients) and key informants (practitioners, community partners, content experts et al)
·   A list of recommended Key Informants that we intend to approach – you may have others you recommend be considered.

·   Linda encourages everyone to get involved in a national advisory committee
·   Currently Alberta representatives on national committees are: Angela Lindberg and Ruby Canning

    1. Chair’s report – Linda West
·   It was great to find out about funding for Coalition in September 2009.
·   The coalition hired Norah Fines, as Coordinator in October, 2009.
·   Due to upward amendments, from PHAC we have 12 month funding for the upcoming 2 terms.
·   Coalition’s Goals Include:
1.Continue with teleconferences
3.  Funding proposals from other funding agencies
4.  Expand our visibility in the province
Ex. Met with FASD Cross Ministry Network on Feb 10, 2010
Connect with ECD Mapping project
Survey of Coalition’s knowledge of FASD CMC – 78% wanted more
information, which the coalition will help to facilitate
·  PHAC representatives: Previously Paula Saulter and Jane Yi, now Ann Pasquill and Anne Clennett
    1. National CAPC-CPNP Network
·   Norah Fines and Kari Degethoff sitting in on National Network Teleconferences to represent our coalition. Nothing new to report.
    1. Update on FASD Cross Ministry Committee
·   6 representatives from the Coalition Coordinating Committee attended a joint meeting in Calgary on February 10, 2010 to make connections with the FASD CMC staff around the province.
·   Our Coalition aimed to mentor what community collaboration is, and encourage these FASD committee members to interact more with the coalition and our members.
·   A survey completed by Norah Fines, knowledge of the FASD CMC showed only 67% of CAPC CPNP Programs knew about the FASD CMC and 83% wanted more information.
·   The coalition will work to provide its members with more information in the coming months as it is available.
  1. Election of Coordinating Committee for 2010-2011 and Slate for Chair, Vice Chair, Banker:
·      Motion passed by all  in attendance for the following slate:
·      Chair:  Kari Degethoff
·      Committee Members:
o   Debbie Martin
o   Judilonne Bebe, Stettler
o   Holly Charles
o   Ruby Canning
o   Dianne Ireland
o   Diane Sopher
o   Barb Fratesi
o   Linda West
·      Committee Expectations: Monthly teleconferences and meet face-to-face 1-2 times per year
·      The Coordinating Committee would like to recognition of Linda West for hard work starting up coalition for last 2 years. Accomplishments include:
1.      Training Grants
2.      Face to Face Managers Conference
3.      Newsletters
4.      Coalition Binders
5.      Response to the Leitch Report
6.      Provincial training
7.      Budgets, strategic planning, teleconferences, proposals
  1. PHAC update:
    1. Anne Clennett – see update attached
·   Do we only need to submit financial statements every 6 months? Answer: Your project gets a rating based on past history. Higher rated projects will have less reporting. INET is sufficient for the information we need.
    1. Evaluation Report by Taranjeet Birdi – see update attached
  1. Next Meeting Dates
    1. Next Zone Meeting Teleconferences on April 20, 2010 and June 8, 2010
  1. Adjournment by Linda West at 11:35 am

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