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The Alberta CAPC CPNP Coalition, formed in December 2007, is a network of CAPC and CPNP projects throughout Alberta committed to collective actions and effective partnerships to ensure healthy outcomes for babies, children and their families. All CAPC and CPNP projects, funded by the Public Health Agency of Canda, Alberta Region are members of our coalition. Currently, there are 28 CAPC projects and 21 CPNP projects in Alberta.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec 9, 2009 Zone Meeting Minutes

South Zone Meeting
Dec 8, 2009
9:00 am
Linda West
Kari Degethoff
Norah Fines
Annette Hillaby
Ira Heidemann
Lisa Cottrell
Lisa Smith
Jane Yi (PHAC)
Ann Clennet (PHAC)
Shannon Beagle-Thompson
Deborah Josuttes
Judilonne Beebe
May Rostecki-Budzey
Marilyn Rees
 Donna George
Debbie Martin

Agenda Item
1.      Meeting was called to order 9:10 am at by Kari Degethoff
Minute taker – Norah Fines
2.      Approval of Agenda by Ira Heidemann with no additions.
3.       Approval of minutes from Sept. 2009 by Marilyn Rees
4.      PHAC update - Jane Yi (15 minutes)
-       Introduce Ann Clennet, program consultant in Calgary office, until March 31, 2010 to cover Paula Salter’s mat leave, she used to be in the Edmonton office, 2 years ago, but will be now working in Calgary and south AB.
-       Project continuation: documents due Dec 11, 2009.
-       Inventory List: anything you have bought (since last renewal approx 4 years ago) for $500 or more when you bought it, you should list it on your inventory list so they can track money spent appropriately, especially when programs are transferred/closed. This does not include things that were donated in-kind, but Jane suggested keeping a list of in-kind donations for insurance purposes. Also put on items that you also claimed last year on the inventory list.
-       CAPC CPNP Emerging Issues Scan related to Obesity, Mental Health and Injury Prevention. They have a consultant now who will be doing an online survey and a teleconference for this coalition. They want to find out what programs are doing, successes, challenges in these areas. Might be in conjunction with the NPF projects, ie Healthy Weights which Ruby Canning is participating in.
-       CAPC 15th Anniversary – might have some surplus funds, but not sure how much. They would be open to proposals from the regions. Amount available could be up to $10,000 available to celebrate this Anniversary. Let Jane know if you want to plan how to use the Anniversary dollars. The National Coalition Group has already put in a request to do nation-wide public service announcements, but no details announced yet.
-       FASD conference in Feb 8-9, 2010 is open for registration. Mount Royal University in Calgary is doing an online survey on FASD education, if interested log on to website on PHAC update.
-       On behalf of Tarangeet, all CPNP programs need to check of consent box on the welcome card for CPNP participants which are sent in to IBM otherwise it can’t be entered.
-       Kari is having trouble getting rural staff to check off, and if it’s not done it is hard to go back to those staff in remote locations to get it completed.
5.      Chair’s Report – Linda West (5 minutes)
-       Coordinator’s meeting on was held on Oct 23, 2009, when we hired Norah Fines, Coalition Coordinator. She is an RD from Calgary who has worked with Best Beginning.
-       There was a guest speaker at the Coordinator’s meeting, Janice Penner, from FASD Cross Ministry Group, who presented on high incidence of FASD in our clients. They are interested in collaborating with our coalition. We are now invited to attend a meeting with them on Feb 10, 2010 after the FASD conference. It will be great to increase our connection with FASD programs because so many of our clients need these services.
-       Linda requests ideas on how to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of CAPC- please email or call Linda.
-       National Network: (Kari Degethoff): The NN has sent in a proposal for what they would like to do for the 15th Anniversary of CAPC
Ø  1st: Create a 15th Anniversary book to remember families from across Canada involved in CAPC. They will interview 26 individuals, 2 from each province to capture what has happened across
Ø  2nd: An audio Public Service Announcement that will be played on radio stations and available electronically/digitally recorded, about CAPC that could be used across Canada, which comes complete with instructions on how to use.
QUESTION: (Marilyn Rees): will there be clarification around who is connected around the funders, or will it make things more complicated? Many people get confused about who is funded by whom: ie Parent Links.
ANSWER (Linda West):  It will be a general message, but you can add on a message that is individualized at the end like brought to you by.
  1. Coordinator’s Report – Norah Fines (10 min)
a.    The first coalition newsletter was sent out last week which highlights the activities planned for the 2009-2010 year by the Coalition Coordinating Committee. Also featured in the newsletter are articles about programs around Alberta, Coordinating Committee Members and the 15th Anniversary of CAPC. There will be another newsletter in the new year, please feel free to submit any articles or information you would like included in the next newsletter to Norah Fines @
-       Ira hasn’t received the newsletter
-       Norah – to email newsletter to Ira
b.    The new Coalition Blog is up and running at the following address online:
The blog will be regularly updated with information on upcoming events, meetings, news and minutes. Any urgent or time-sensitive matters will continue to be emailed.

To make this page your homepage for the following two Web Browsers here are the instructions:

Internet Explorer menu bar at top of page:
-       TOOLS > Internet Options > General > paste address into 1st box that says “To create Home Page” and click OK at the bottom
Firefox Menu Bar at top of page:
-       TOOLS > Options > Main > Paste the address into the box for Home Page and click OK at the bottom
7.      Job Shadowing – Norah Fines
-          There is no deadline for applications for Staff Shadowing, but all staff shadowing must be completed and expenses submitted to Barb Fratesi by Mar 15, 2010. Barb has only received one application so far.
-          Staff Shadowing is only a travel subsidy (which includes accommodations and meals), and is separate funding from the Training Grants. All applications go to Barb Fratesi at
-          @ (780) 963-3876 or e-mail
8.      Training Committee (15 minutes) –Norah Fines
a.         Training Grants
§  Thank you to all who have submitted applications, we continue to accept applications until the end of today, Dec 8, 2009. The training committee will be meeting on Thursday Dec 10 to review the applications and decide. We will let all applicants know the status of their proposal by Dec 11, 2009.
§  For more information about training opportunities in Alberta, please see the blog as links are listed there.
b.        Managers Workshop & AGM
§  The Coalition is offering a Manager’s workshop to be held at the Days Inn in Leduc, AB on Mar 1-3, 2010. Travel will be expected on Feb 28, 2010 to be ready for sessions Mar 1-3.  Mar 1-2 will be facilitated by a guest speaker, Tracey Bridges, and the workshop is titled “Leadership Challenge.” The third day will be a half day to facilitate travel home, and will be a networking/sharing time as well as AGM.
§  Cost for 1 person per program is covered by Coalition – need to submit expense claim to Barb Fratesi.
§  Last year travel was paid by PHAC, which is why travel was arranged by PHAC in advance but this year everything is coming out of the Coalition budget.
§  Sue Rossey from the National Network would like to meet project staff.
§  To participate in the workshop you must do some pre-preparation work 1 month prior to the session. This is an online leadership assessment which you complete, and you ask at least 8 others to complete about you. Tracey Bridges then uses this data to compile a 20 page report which she provides to you at the session, and is used to complete the modules in the 2 day sessions.
9.  Round Table Discussion (40 minutes)

Lisa Smith, Red Deer:
-Lisa is from Infant Preschool Wellness Program, she was away on mat leave with her second child but came back Sept 1, she is now on CAPC manager.  Monique Nicholls resigned Oct 1 as CPNP manager, so Lisa assumed CPNP management role as well.

Linda West, Westlock:
-Healthy Families Prenatal Program is very busy, and the complexity of the families has increased, with a lot more food insecurity, transportation needs, and disconnection from the community. We are trying to get community to donate more milk and food coupons. We have been awarded FASD network contract and have partnered with Hinton.
There are 12 or 13 FASD networks across AB, all funded by FASD Cross Ministry, check out the one closest to you.
Ira Heidemann, High River:
-H1N1 has caused Healthy Moms Healthy Babies to change some programs, because PH nurses are deployed to flu clinic.
The receptionists at programs are now providing milk coupons and fresh food boxes. Clients are also more food insecure than ever before.

Marilyn Rees, Pincher Creek:
- Brighter Futures Project is proud to partner with Parent Link to offer a cooking program, which has been so successful that they are offering it twice a month now.
Also partnering with Better Beginnings and Parent Link to do crock pot sessions, where you learn how to use, cook a meal for family and receive a free crock pot. Using funding from Healthy Weights.  Clients are very high needs in Crowsnest Pass. Now having to provide taxi vouchers for those that don’t have transportation.
Also excited for 2 year funding continuation.

Shannon Beagle-Thompson, Rocky Mountain House:
-At Baby Biz, the number of teenage participants has increased; participants in general are high, programs are running 2X /week, breastfeeding support group every Friday and still providing milk coupons.

Judilonne Beebe, Stettler:
The Child Abuse Prevention program has a huge area to cover, but is based in Stettler, they cover north, south and east.
They have had more calls to parents, and schools, and needs are up so they are hiring a new program facilitator in the new year. Have been accessing more victims of abuse via the ER and hospitals.

May Rostecki-Budzey, Strathmore:
-There has been a drastic increase in clients accessing Growing Opportunities.
They are now involving RCMP, and looking for a policy on abuse, which they need for their insurance.
Linda West - to email May the abuse policy document that they used for their insurance

Kari Degethoff, Medicine Hat:
Health Connections Association of Southeastern Alberta’s partnering agency has cut back and they have lost 1.5 positions which increases the CAPC waiting list. Currently there are 8 moms on wait list but CPNP has no waiting list.
They have partnership with a literacy agency, to offer a “Growing child, Growing parents class” which  has rhyme time class, parenting information and a warm lunch.  It is a 10-14 week commitment, but has been very successful. Will be adding active living and nutrition classes in the new year.  Very happy to be getting 2 year continuation funding from PHAC.

News from Karen Caine via Linda West:
-                 The Alberta Home Visitation Network, the Alberta Network for Safe and Healthy Children, the Stollery Children's Hospital, and the Stollery Foundation are pleased to announce they have hired Luc Bouchard as the new Provincial Coordinator for this very exciting initiative. The Stollery Foundation was able to help us secure funding through EnCana for the first three years of this work and we are very grateful for that support.

-                 Luc Bouchard is a single father of a 2 and 5 year old and has intimate knowledge and experience regarding issues men face as parents.  This coupled with twenty five years in the Human Services field, has provided Luc with a comprehensive understanding of family systems, community development and solid interpersonal skills.  Currently Luc is employed with Mill Woods Family Resource Centre in Edmonton as Program Services Manager until his contract is fulfilled at the end of January 2010.  Luc is quite excited about taking on the position of Provincial Coordinator and the first order of business will be to travel around the province conducting a needs assessment with service providers and fathers.
-                 Luc is planning to spend time in February and March travelling to as many communities as possible and getting to know what service providers and fathers identify as current and emerging needs and how they imagine this work unfolding. If you would like to have Luc come to your community, or have information on programming you think he should know about, he would appreciate hearing from you.
-                 Luc Bouchard will be seeking out individuals to connect with throughout Alberta regarding fathering and our group may want contact or know of potential contacts for him.
-                 Susan Patenaude (Provincial Coordinator Alberta Network for Safe and Healthy Children) is the contact until Luc starts: P - 780-407-6064, C - 780-966-7880, .

Louise Reidy, St Paul
-                 Programme Franco-Accueil has been very busy with parent groups, and growing activities with children to build developmental capacities. They have a father who will be facilitating a Father’s Parenting Group. He is doing training in January to start up this group.
-                 Art therapist to facilitate workshops for parents on mental health art therapy to be done in Feb. Will do “ages and stages evaluations” at this time as well as bring out mental health services available in our communities to teach clients how to feel better in their life, and be more satisfied in themselves. They continue to welcome parents in their resource center regularly.
-                 At the end of January they are having a literacy event at the Public Library. A community effort to highlight literacy in our community.
-                 They are involved with the National Network of Francophone CAPC/CPNP projects. If anyone wants more information about that network, contact Louise.
Barb Fratesi, Stony Plain
-              Brighter Futures continues to run weekly lunch groups and home visits. CAPC programs are finished for this year, and will start in the New Year.
-              This year they ran a Christmas Store: an opportunity for children to come and shop and wrap gifts for their parents. Charge $7.50 for a ticket, children age 4-10 get to shop in their store (gym) to buy three gifts for mom and three gifts for dad, or grandparents as appropriate. Under 4 years, $2.50 tickets, which allows them to participate in cookie decorating, play gym, visiting Santa and Xmas crafts. Parents can have popcorn and coffee while waiting for their children shoppers. Thanks to Diane Sopher for the idea. This year they had over 800 shoppers and 50 donated tickets for low SES families. They held 4 sessions this year to complete shopping. Friday afternoon and evening, Saturday morning and afternoon. They collect gifts for this event all year round, including donations from local businesses.
-              The Minister and Assistant Minister of AB Children’s Services visited their store last night.
Linda West, Westlock
-                 Healthy Families Healthy Futures is proud to announce their Learn and Save program has won an award from Persons with Disabilities Council and they are hoping to promote it to the 5th community next year.
-                 FCSS does Santa’s Anonymous programs in the community of Westlock.
Diane Sopher, Edmonton
-                 Candora Society has been busy running a children’s toy shop running this month
-                 Cancelled Xmas dinner because of H1N1
-                 They are also running a Winter sleigh ride, turkey bingos, teas with smaller groups, and bus tours of xmas lights.
-                 They will focus on making TV dinners over the holidays to provide to families in need in January.
-                 Next year, there will be training for facilitators to visit child care agencies and teach how to deal with children’s behaviors.
-                 They are also working to get children into the services they need in the areas of OT, Speech and PT, including accessing services of local practitioners.
-                 Their Crockpot cooking program is going great.

Kourch Chan, Edmonton
-                 At Edmonton Head Start, this year we have more children with disabilities involved in our programs. They are worried about funding to services available for these children being cut in Alberta in the coming months.
-                 They have decided not to focuse on Christmas because of variety of ethnic backgrounds of participants involved in their programming.
-                 Looking at mid-long term impact of a Head Start Program. Especially 5-10 years after participation in our programs. Trying to do evaluation with families that have been in Head Start in the past, to see what parts of the program have the most impact using a consultant.
-                 Past staff training this last year: World Forum on Early Childhood Development and Conference in New Brunswick on Early Childhood Development.
Irene Van Der Kloet, High Level
-                 At Brighter Futures the H1N1 has affected programs, and sent lots of children home with symptoms but none have been diagnosed cases. They have found it hard to convince parents to keep children who were sick at home for the safety of all families.
-                 They are hosting a Winter Party instead of Christmas Party because of cultural diversity. At their Winter Party, they had a train made out of boxes, they handed out candy to kids, and kids came in their pajamas.
-                 Staff Xmas party was in November to free up December.
-                 Programs close on Dec 18, back in New Year.
-                 Major concern: The mill in High Level is closing and laying-off 240 people, which will affect Head Start in High Level and Fort Vermillion. They are not sure yet if it will cause more people in need, or more people leaving the community. Also affects other industries in the community ie. Mechanics, logging in winter, local businesses etc.
-                 Irene applied for Staff Shadowing and completed it in Edmonton, and wants to thank all the agencies she visited, and thought it was a great experience and very eye-opening. It provided ideas for future programming. She would recommend it to anyone.
Lindsay Davies, High Prairie
-                 Brighter Futures’ community does Xmas celebrations in November. This year the Santa’s Little Helper – hampers will be picked up Dec 22.
-                 Taming the Dragon: continues to run but it follows the school calendar. They adapted an initial program that started before all anti-bully programs. Kindergarten to Grade 1 – feelings around bullying and how to deal with feelings related to bullying.
-                 Coats for Kids program has not been doing well because of recent warm temperatures. They are extending it into January; hoping families will come in to get more coats as they are overflowing with donations.
Dianne Ireland, Peace River
-                 For the Building Better Babies program – Dianne is only staff, but  indirect staff, ie AB liaisons, dietitians, PH Nurses, meet every 2 months to plan and talk about what is working/not, what services and resources we need.
-                 Car Seat Program: They are providing coupons through Canadian Tire for infant car seats for our families. Due to legalities with car seats, they cannot purchase seats and provide them to participants, so we are using coupons instead. They set up credit account through Canadian Tire, which uses donated Canadian Tire Money collected by Canadian Tire in barrels at the store and extra funding from Tim Horton’s and the Women’s Shelter, to make a $50 coupon which participants can use towards the car seat only for every client in their program (approx. 100 clients yearly). LINDA: Good idea for next newsletter! Dianne to send Norah info and picture for the next newsletter.
-                 The Baptist Church in Peace River and Evangelist Church in Grimshaw donate baby baskets that they can provide to their new moms.
Suzanne Danku, Cold Lake
-                 Huge client load, outreach workers are all at capacity.
-                 Biggest issue is food insecurity for the holidays.
-                 Difficulties: The local food bank is only open 2 days a week for 3 hours.  Xmas food hamper was not advertised to public or agencies. Therefore they are trying to find ways to get extra food to our clients for the holidays. 
-                 RUBY: offered to explain Adopt-a-family program if Suzanne calls Ruby.
Tina Clifton, Edson
-                 Brighter Futures has found the flu season has hit their community hard. Families have been good at following protocol for staying home for 7 days, and using sanitizer appropriately.
-                 They are getting ready for Xmas party next week.
-                 Instead of toy for each child, we are giving a story book, which they ordered through Scholastics, as well as a Christmas Traditions family book
-                 Janine from WIN is doing a Xmas party, and mom’s are buying a $5-10 infant/children’s toy and have a Chinese auction. This was a parent initiative.
Ruby Canning, Fort MacMurray
-                 The Children’s Center’s Christmas banquet is Dec. 9, 2009 for 250 people.
-                 Adopt a family program, 22 families on that list for companies to adopt to be completed by Dec 15-18.
-                 Healthy Weights for Children from Ontario – will be reviewing information learned at that meeting.
Michelle Woods, Breton
-                 Brighter Futures is winding down Dec 11, open again Jan 15, 2009.
-                 H1N1 has affected program participation, so funds have been redirected to extra needs during this time of holidays.
-                 In their community families are connected with Food Bank
-                 They are running a meal planning and nutrition session with childcare. 
-        Working with local Registered Psychologist to address ever changing needs of families by supporting workshops in the new year.

QUESTION (anonymous): Do we know what programs didn’t get funded or that there are cuts in other programs in our communities ie: CFSA who funds most of Parent Link Centers.
ANSWER (Linda West):  thinks in the New Year we will find out more.
-          Thank you to PHAC for funding and with an increase to funding in this difficult time of change.
10.  Upcoming Meetings:
-          Training committee teleconference to review Training Grant applications on Dec 10 at 1:15 pm
-          National Network teleconference Dec 15 Linda and Kari to attend
-          Coalition Coordinating meeting Jan 14 at 1:15 pm
-          Zone meetings are done quarterly but in March will be AGM, so next teleconference will be June 8, 2010, South at 9:00 am.
12.  Meeting Adjourned at by 10:10 am Kari Degethoff.

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