Alberta CAPC CPNP Coalition

The Alberta CAPC CPNP Coalition, formed in December 2007, is a network of CAPC and CPNP projects throughout Alberta committed to collective actions and effective partnerships to ensure healthy outcomes for babies, children and their families. All CAPC and CPNP projects, funded by the Public Health Agency of Canda, Alberta Region are members of our coalition. Currently, there are 28 CAPC projects and 21 CPNP projects in Alberta.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

CPNP Book Submission Guidelines

* An article, that is no more than 350 words long, describing your program, its history, what it aims to do, how CAPC funding has helped you help your community etc.

* Please include your program name, location and communities served under the title of your article

* Please include information about how long your program has been funded by CAPC in addition to whatever other information about your programming you which to highlight

* Please submit minimum 1 photo, or maximum 6 photos. Photos must be in jpeg or bitmap format, not cut/pasted into a word document, but if you would like to submit a word template with captions and photos to show me the order you want it to be in, feel free to attach both the template and the individual photos. You can email me the photos directly or contact me for other options. FYI: If your camera is 3-megapixels or higher, you can assume your photos will work in the book. If you want to get a little more technical, make sure your photos are at least 2048 pixels wide or tall in order to look excellent in print.

* Each CPNP program will get 2 adjoining pages, one for text, and one for photos as seen in the attached photo example

* Please include who the article was written by on the bottom

* If you are having difficulty coming up with the article portion, please submit the photo(s) only and email me for an appointment time where I can interview you and write the article from there, as I'm happy to do the writing for you if needed.

Sample questions to guide your article writing:

1.       Name of Organization (and parent organizations if applicable)”
2.       Please name and briefly explain the programs available for Clients
3.       What communities do you serve?
4.       How many years has your program been funded by CAPC?
5.       How does your staff or programs help families in your community? What gap would exist if your program was not running?
6.       What has been your biggest success since programming started?
7.       What has changed since you were first funded?
8.       What is you program looking forward to in the future?

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